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Registered Add National High-tech Zone , ChangSha ,HuNan,China
Type of business global leading provider of network communication transmission equipments of digital TV,communication equipments of tri-play networks integration and integrated network solutions
Main Market Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries
Brand HKT
Number of Employees 51-100 People
Annual sales US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Established in 1998

Company overview 

HKT Technology based on the data collection and application of wireless cities and the Internet of Things(IoT), we are committed to building a multidimensional ecosystem operation service system that integrates software, hardware, services, and operations. We use multi-dimensional big data collection, analysis, and applicated to build a smart city ecosystem. Governments, enterprises, citizens and visitors to  provide high-tech enterprises with multi-tiered smart application services and big data services.

Hunan HKT Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “HKT”) was established in 2010 with registered capital of 51.168 million yuan. In July 2015, HKT successfully listed at the national small and medium enterprise equity transfer center and officially entered the capital market with stock code 832849. 

Based on the data collection and application of wireless cities and the Internet of Things, HKT is committed to building a multi-dimensional ecological operation service system that integrates software, hardware, services, and operations. It uses multi-dimensional big data collection, analysis, and application to build a smart city ecology. Circles provide multiple levels of smart application services and big data services for governments, businesses, citizens and visitors.

  HKT focuses on promoting the development of smart cities in the era of mobile Internet, creating value for various aspects of society, providing customers with wireless integrated solutions, Internet of things solutions, cloud management platform, mobile APP and other products and services. We continue to increase investment in R&D in these areas, promote technological innovation, and conduct extensive "production, learning, and research" cooperation with many universities such as the National University of Defense Technology and Changsha University of Science and Technology to ensure the company's continued industry competitiveness. At present, the company has 18 patented technologies, including 9 invention patents, 5 utility model patents, 4 appearance patents and 12 software copyrights.

  HKT obtained a number of domestic and international authoritative certifications, including: high-tech enterprise certification, software enterprise certification, SARFT network certification, industrial information department network certification, ISO9001, RoHS, CE certification. Among them, WiFi products passed the Ministry of Public Security inspection and it is one of the few manufacturers in the country (only two in Hunan Province) that fully meet the public security department's requirements for safe Internet access and auditing and docking. It is a public WiFi safety construction unit recommended by the Public Security Department of Hunan Province. one.

  In 2017, HKT and the Changsha High-tech District Government reached a cooperation on the construction of the wireless city project in Changsha High-tech Zone. The first-phase investment of the project is 50 million, which is an important step for HKT in the field of wireless cities and the Internet of Things. At present, HKT has reached a number of cooperation with governments and enterprises in Changsha, Taojiang and Xiangtan, and has achieved good social and economic benefits.

  In addition to continuing to deepen the domestic market, HKT also actively explores overseas markets. At present, HKT products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, and there are more than 600 domestic and foreign customers.

  In the future, HKT will seize the development opportunities brought by “Broadband China”, “Triple Network Integration”, “Smart City” and “Internet of Things” to serve customers with more advanced products and better services. HKT became the leading smart data application platform in China.

Development history / Big event


2010 Year

  Hunan HKT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established

2010 Year

  Certified by software company

2011 Year

  Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification

2012 Year

  The company completed the share reform and its name was changed to Hunan HKT Technology Co., Ltd.

2013 Year

   Owned 30 acres of land in Lugu High-tech Zone, Changsha City to build HKT Industrial Park

2014 Year

   Passed the recognition of high-tech enterprises

   Passed ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification

2015 Year

   Successfully listed on the national small and medium-sized enterprise transfer center, stock code 832849.Passed OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

2017 Year

   HKT Industrial Park completed and signed the High-tech Zone Unlimited City Project with Changsha High-tech District Government

Production line / industrial park introduction


(1)  Overview of the industrial park

HKT Industrial Park is located in China's national-level industrial park - Changsha Hi-tech Zone, Changsha City, China (15th in China National Hi-tech Zone, and more than 17,000 enterprises in the park). It covers an area of 40 acres and the entire industrial park is under scientific research. Building, two factories and supporting components, on-site construction area of more than 40,000 square meters. HKT Industrial Park is a proprietary asset of HKT Technology Co., Ltd. and is a R&D and production center that HKT has focused on.

(2)  Overview of the production line

20130407 027.jpg

HKT has a complete product production and testing line, equipped with a variety of excellent R & D equipment, production equipment, laboratory equipment, testing equipment, and has a good R & D and production hardware conditions. 

20130407 029.jpg

Related production and scientific research equipment is running normally with stable performance, including Samsung SMT machine, reflow soldering, wave soldering SmartBits, wireless network tester, desktop power meter, fusion splicer, DC power supply, frequency tester, network analyzer and other frequency tests. Instrument, network analyzer and so on.

20130407 031.jpg

20130407 032.jpg

(3)R & D strength: National high-tech enterprises, software companies, have a high-quality R & D team, R & D personnel accounted for about 40%.

SmartBits 6000B.jpg



 Huakuantong Technology Center is a city-level enterprise technology center in Changsha and is currently building a provincial-level enterprise technology center.

(4)Production line: It has complete product production and testing lines, equipped with advanced R&D, production, experiment, testing equipment and equipment, and has excellent R&D and production hardware conditions.

(5)Scientific research cooperation: Cooperation with the National University of Science and Technology of China, Changsha University of Science and Technology, etc. to carry out a wide range of cooperation in production, education and research, focusing on product development and technological innovation.

(6)Customer Market: A number of domestic network companies designated suppliers of communications equipment, products are exported to Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, more than 40 countries and regions.

(7) Listed companies: Capital markets and technologically innovative companies recognized by many investors. The company was listed on the National SME Shares Transfer Center in 2015, stock code 832849.

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