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Fiber amplifier introduction and application market

Fiber amplifier introduction and application market

Fiber amplifier introduction and application market

Introduction to Fiber amplifier

Fiber Amplifier, Optical Fiber Amplifier, abbreviated OFA) refers to the use in Optical Fiber communication lines, to achieve signal amplification of a new type of Optical Amplifier. Belongs to the sensor class element. According to its position and function in optical fiber lines, it can be divided into relay amplification, preamplifier and power amplifier. Compared with traditional semiconductor laser amplifiers (SOA), OFA does not need to go through complicated processes such as photoelectric conversion, electro-optical conversion and signal regeneration, and can directly amplify the signal in full light, with good "transparency", which is especially suitable for the relay amplification of long-distance optical communication. It can be said that OFA lays a technical foundation for all-optical communication.

Fiber amplifier technology is to mix the rare earth elements that can produce laser into the fiber core of the fiber, and amplify the passing optical signal through the direct current optical excitation provided by the laser. The traditional optical fiber transmission system USES optical - electric - optical regenerative repeater, which affects the stability and reliability of the system. The suitable equipments are erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA), praseodymium doped fiber amplifier (PDFA) and niobium doped fiber amplifier (NDFA). At present, EDFA is mainly used in optical amplification technology.

Fiber amplifier application market:

In recent years, with the rapid development of information and communication technology, the research and development of optical fiber amplifiers have further expanded the gain bandwidth and pushed the optical fiber communication system to develop in the direction of high speed, large capacity and long distance. Due to the unique performance of fiber amplifier, it is widely used in DWDM transmission system, fiber CATV and fiber access network. DWDM system has become a mainstream technology in optical fiber transmission system, as one of DWDM system is the core device of optical fiber amplifier will get rapid development in its application, this is mainly due to the optical fiber amplifier has enough gain bandwidth, combining it with WDM technique can rapidly and easy to expand the existing communication capacity of optical fiber cable system, extend the distance relay. In the optical fiber access network, although the distance of the user system is short, there are too many branches of the user network, so the optical signal power needs to be increased by the optical amplifier to compensate for the optical loss caused by the optical distributor, increase the number of users and reduce the construction cost of the user network. In optical fiber CATV system, with the enlargement of the scale, the link transmission distance increasing, light path transmission loss is also increasing, the applications of optical fiber amplifier in optical fiber CATV system not only can improve the optical power, compensate the loss of the link, increase light user terminal, and simplifies the system structure, reduce the system cost, speed up the development of CATV. Recently, the Market situation of erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA), fiber Raman amplifiers (FRA) and semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA) has been analyzed by relevant personnel from CIBC World Market. Since its commercial use in 1994, EDFA has become a key component of DWDM system, and the market is growing rapidly. Many companies like Corning, Lucent and JDS Uniphase have participated in the competition in this market. It is estimated that the global EDFA market will grow from usd 1.3 billion in 1999 to usd 9.6 billion in 2004, and the sales volume will increase by an average annual rate of 43[%]. Fiber Raman amplifiers have attracted much attention in recent years and have become a hot spot of development. Although it is expected that fiber Raman amplifiers will not be widely used in land optical cable systems in the next year or two, the market size of fiber Raman amplifiers will jump from about 3.3 million us dollars in 1999 to 750 million us dollars in 2004. Since the successful development of SOA for strain quantum well materials, the development speed and application development of semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA) have been significantly accelerated, and the SOA market is expected to start in 2001 and rapidly expand thereafter, reaching a scale of 200 million us dollars in 2004.

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