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Smart agriculture solution

Smart agriculture solution

In the rapid development of modern society, research and technology are also constantly developing. Scientific research technology is not only developing rapidly in industrial development, but also developing rapidly in agricultural technology. Now it is industrial, living, agriculture, etc. Industry and fields are moving towards intelligent development, creating a smarter planet, realizing smart industry, smart healthcare, smart home, intelligent monitoring, smart agriculture, etc. To achieve these intelligences, it is equivalent to connecting all things and building a thing. Networking, then there is no need for IoT technology, and the three major operators (Telecom, China Unicom, Mobile) are a strategic-grade card designed and distributed for enterprise production and development. ------ IoT card, this card is only for enterprise production. Used, products of commercial nature, not for individuals.

First, the function of the Internet of Things card

Everyone knows that the IoT card is developed by the three major operators, is a commercial product, and what kind of functions are there.

1. Business statistics analysis: It can provide customers with various aspects of business reports and data analysis functions;
2. Financial information inquiry: It can provide financial information inquiry to customers, and provide prompt functions such as excessive traffic and account arrears;
3, basic communication capabilities: features include unlimited traffic, SMS, and voice and other communication services;
4, terminal status query: provide terminal switch machine, location, GPRS online / offline, IP, APN and other information.

Second, the role of smart agriculture

1. Can effectively improve the agricultural ecological environment;
2, can significantly improve the efficiency of agricultural production;
3. The agricultural staff, organizational system and consumer concept can be completely transformed;

4. It can promote the precise management of agricultural modernization and make the resources together and efficient.

Third, the significance of smart agriculture

China is a big agricultural country, but due to the lack of agricultural technology, many resources are wasted. Because there is no data analysis, most of the fertilizers, pesticides and water resources are not fully utilized in the fertilization, irrigation and spraying of crops. A large amount of nutrient loss and environmental pollution caused by the environment and soil pollution have led to qualitative changes in soils in many places, affecting the production efficiency of crops, and also wasting a lot of manpower and material resources. At present, many places in China use traditional methods of planting. It is very unfavorable for the sustainable development of agriculture, so the development trend of smart agriculture is inevitable.

Fourth, the application of smart agriculture

Smart agriculture is currently used in agricultural production environment monitoring and food safety. First, current agricultural production pays great attention to the production environment. Producing different seasons of agricultural products in different seasons is very important to the production environment, and it can only be detected by equipment. After the data, the analysis of the environment, targeted agricultural production materials, adjustment of the corresponding equipment for temperature, light, air components, etc., to achieve healthy growth of agricultural products. Second, the safety of agricultural products is also very important. Because the production process of agricultural products has to go through processes such as fertilization and spraying, in order to ensure that agricultural products do not produce harmful substances to the human body, it is also necessary to carry out strict quality inspections, and enhance users' information on food safety. Protect the interests of consumers and operators.

Fifth. The connection between the Internet of Things card and smart agriculture

You may ask, what is the relationship between IoT cards and smart agriculture? People who know may know that IoT cards have the functions of sensing, locating, monitoring, and tracking, while smart agriculture uses the sensing of IoT cards. Monitoring function, monitoring and management of crops, specific analysis of crops through monitored data, and then making a series of adjustments to achieve the ultimate goal of smart agriculture.

Smart agriculture is an inevitable trend of our development. The quality of agricultural products has improved, people's lives have improved, and health has been greatly protected.

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