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Wlan Solution section

Wlan Solution section


The 13th Five-Year Plan of China pointed out that we must build an advanced ubiquitous wireless broadband network and deeply popularize high-speed wireless broadband; use big data as a basic strategic resource to fully implement actions to promote big data development; strengthen modern information infrastructure and promote big data Develop the Internet of Things and build smart cities. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China pointed out that wireless cities will play an important role in stimulating local economic development, stimulating domestic demand, and promoting people's livelihood. It will help promote the development of information services and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and will help cultivate new economic growth points.


The number of wireless cities under construction and planning in the world has exceeded 1,000, including: Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Houston, Silicon Valley and other major cities as well as famous tourist cities such as Orlando, London, UK, Paris, France and Hamburg, Germany. Amsterdam, Netherlands, Ontario, Canada, Australia, Perth, Wellington, New Zealand, Jerusalem, Israel, Singapore, etc. China's Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuhan, and Taipei are also actively planning and building. The trend of global wireless hot-spots, wireless hot-spots, and wireless cities has become a trend in today's world.

With the popularity of the Internet and broadband, people are increasingly aware that "broadband will be able to touch and improve almost all aspects of modern life." In the 21st century, many cities regard broadband as the fifth public utility that the government should invest in and provide universal service to the public following water, electricity, gas, and communications.

 Wireless City Project Value

1.For the government: Improve government efficiency; Create city business cards; Reduce administrative costs; Strengthen public safety;

2.For enterprises: promote the optimization of urban industrial structure; optimize the investment environment; service enterprise marketing management;

3.For citizens: improve people's livelihood service standards; improve public services; enjoy quality Internet access services;

4.For foreign visitors: providing better tourism, travel, shopping and other services; convenient information services

A. The composition of China Broadcom Wireless City Products

(1) Intelligent Hardware Platform   


(2)The multifunctional hardware platform includes AP devices, IoT gateways, video monitoring devices, bayonet devices, etc. The above devices collect and transmit various data to cloud management platforms, providing necessary data support for smart government affairs, smart people's livelihood, and smart industries.

Wireless AP

Wireless AC

 Internet of Things Gateway


(3) Cloud management platform

The cloud management platform is a wireless city integrated operation platform developed based on the PHP+MySQL technology architecture. The main functions of the cloud management platform include: control of equipment on all multi-functional hardware platforms, data collection and storage, and information release. Can carry out such as: smart government affairs, wisdom urban management, wisdom transportation, wisdom medical treatment and so on business, the platform is open, can dock with the third party platform.

(4)  Mobile APP (shall have a separate page, APP download)


B.Application in smart  cities



C: Network topology





 Case presentation

A. Changsha High-tech Zone Wireless City Project

 Background of the project

Changsha High-tech Zone has become the core of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan two-type society and Changsha-based innovative city construction. It is very necessary for the government to promote the innovation of urban production, life, and management through the construction of smart cities, solve the problems faced by the urban development process, and increase the value of government services. . Create industrial economic value, reflect the social value of people's livelihood, and ultimately achieve the goal of strengthening the government and benefiting people.

Project Overview

The High-tech Zone will invest in and construct the HKT Wireless City Headquarters and Demonstration Base Project. It plans to achieve full coverage of the region's intelligent hardware platform within two years. The coverage includes: Park Management Committee and Subordinate Unit Offices, Parks, Squares, Main and Secondary Roads, etc. The public area of the built-up area of the park. The project requires a total of 2,500 smart hardware platforms, with a total investment of 50 million yuan in the first phase.

Regional situation

Changsha High-tech Zone is the core zone for the national-level Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiang two-society social reform pilot zone, the Chang-Zhu-Tan National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and the Hunan Xiangjiang New District “three-zone superposition”. It has gathered more than 17,000 related companies, and the park was implemented in 2016. The total revenue of the company is 280 billion yuan, and its overall strength ranks 15th among the 156 high-tech zones in the country.

Project construction necessity

1、mplement the city policy

According to the Changsha Municipal Government's requirements for wireless Changsha construction and the requirements for the construction of independent innovation demonstration zones in the High-tech Zone. Will achieve high-tech area wireless WIFI full coverage

2、 Improve the level of government information services

The “High-tech Zone Smart City” WIFI network is the foundation of wireless Internet, wireless e-commerce, and wireless e-government. Through the ubiquitous wireless broadband network, it achieves full coverage of the region and people, providing the public and enterprises with convenience, speed, and efficiency. Services, improve the level of government services, create a happy city.

3、 Provide "information benefits" for  citizens

Information welfare refers to the integration of information products, information services, and information rights enjoyed by individuals. The Changsha municipal government strongly advocates providing citizens with "information benefits." The WIFI network in the “Smart City in High-tech Zones” first provides citizens with free Internet “welfare”; at the same time, it also provides information “welfare” such as government affairs, business, people's livelihood, and consumption.

4、Respond to instructions from national leaders

Premier Li Keqiang urged the speeding-down of network tolls in the first quarter of this year's economic situation work conference and pointed out that “the construction of information infrastructure is an important public service, and we must increase our efforts in construction”. The construction of this project will undoubtedly be an important measure in response to Premier Li's efforts to increase the speed of the Internet and reduce the cost of Internet access for the citizens, and solves the problem of citizens “what to ask first if there is WiFi”.

D. Functional requirements of the project

1、 Public area WIFI coverage

Through the construction of public welfare public places in the WIFI network of the “city after high-tech zone” network, we will expand the breadth and depth of the “wisdom” WIFI network to further meet the public's demand for WIFI services in public welfare public places.

2、 Achieve unified certification

The WIFI newly established in public places in the High-tech Zone will achieve centralized and unified certification. The unified authentication platform can provide scenario-based and personalized PORTAL pages according to requirements, and can provide different Portal page content according to the scene and location of the WIFI access point, service group service scene, medical service scenarios, and transportation hubs. Scenes and so on.

3、 WIFI network name is simple and intuitive

The WIFI network SSID must be named consistently.

4、 Network operation management function

The established WIFI needs to have the capability of network operation and management. It can monitor and manage AP device status, number of access users, and traffic, and achieve good operation and maintenance management.

5、Users can use the WIFI to count the user's network traffic consumption and usage time. According to the needs of the development of personalized management strategies, including bandwidth strategy, traffic strategy.

6、 Business Resource Integration Function

Integrate and utilize resources, and connect with third-party e-commerce platforms (Public Reviews, US Mission, Taobao, Tmall, etc.) and e-commerce companies in the area to achieve data integration among entity businesses, key merchants, and advantageous industrial businesses in the area, allowing more businesses in the jurisdiction to integrate Use “Smart City” application platform for online marketing.

7、 Smart push function

After the user successfully accesses the network, the system can intelligently push peripheral consumption and service information according to the user's access location information, time information, and user interest. All consumption information comes from the online consumer platform. Users can click to purchase.

8、  Data Mining and Analysis Functions

The value-added application platform can achieve statistical analysis of website visits: including user network behavior analysis, consumption habit analysis, and so on. In order to optimize the WIFI network and increase the number of visits, government decision-making provides support. It is necessary to provide local businesses with online e-commerce functions such as channel access, shop management, data analysis, and consumer interaction.

E.   Network topology









Case:Taojiang wireless city project

HKT signed a contract with the Taojiang City Government to conduct seamless coverage of WIFI in the Taojiang Citizens Leisure Plaza and the County Government Office Compound. The site uses a dual-band networking solution and centralized management through the cloud platform. In 2016, the first phase of the smart Taojiang wireless project construction was successfully completed.

Project network topology


Project value

Taojiang Wireless City Project is an important step in the construction of a smart city in taojiang. It has laid a good foundation for the development of the next smart city, and has played a positive role in improving the convenience of the people's livelihood and improving the service capabilities of the government.

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