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Smoke alarm is currently one of the cheapest, most convenient and most effective tools to save fire damage. He can detect the fire early and alarm, so as to extinguish the fire in the initial stage...
GPS is the abbreviation of Global Positioning System, also known as vehicle and ship navigation and positioning system, which is the most advanced technology for intelligent transportation.
In the development of a city into a Smart Town, the LoRaWAN offers a good complement to mobile communications. All applications that do not consume large amounts of data can run over the city's ow...
LoRa GPS Tracker Helps Outdoor VenturesWith the development of society, tourism has become one of the largest industries in the global economy. At present, 130 million people in China participate i...



People have always depended on intuition, collective knowledge, and sensory cues to make good animal production decisions since man began domesticating animals thousands of years ago. This has aide...