Smart Electricity Meter Solution

Smart Electric Safety Supervision And Power Management System
The smart electricity meter system installs the smart power consumption safety cloud defense system in the key parts of fire protection, such as warehouses, computers, kitchens, dormitories, operating rooms, libraries and other places with dense personnel and large power consumption. In case of short circuit or overload, the system will cut off the power supply in the way of arc extinguishing, directly extinguish the arc activation caused by the short circuit or overload, and solve the fire caused by the fault of the electrical circuit revolutionaryly.
The technology monitors the pure resistive leakage current of the distribution line in real time through the detector, avoiding the poor leakage detection accuracy, false alarm and leakage alarm of the existing residual current electrical fire monitor due to the influence of the capacitive normal leakage current. The electrical fire prevention work is not in place, and the occurrence of electrical fires can be prevented accurately, effectively and reliably. It realizes the leakage detection in the true sense and more accurately warns the hidden danger of electrical fire. It is a subversive revolution in the field of electrical fire monitoring system, replacing the traditional residual current electrical fire monitoring detector.
HKT's main products such as smart electricity meter system, smart fire protection system, electrical fire monitoring system and fire equipment power monitoring system have occupied the high-end market in China's smart fire protection field. The company's products are widely used in public places such as government, schools, medical care, ancient buildings, military industry, banks, transportation hubs, hotels, shopping malls and office buildings. The smart electrical fire monitoring technology has largely avoided the occurrence of fires and minimized the loss of manpower and material resources. The intelligent electricity safety monitoring system brings benefit to social and the for and people.make electricity no longer harmful to humans.

Short circuit

0.005 seconds open circuit to avoid fire

Ten times upgraded safe system

19 safety performance guarantee

Electric leakage

0.005 seconds open circuit to protect

personal safet Automatic self-inspection of leakage protection function

Smart electric safety supervision and power Management system that includes both hardware and software, which integrates the most latest & advanced technologies like AI, Big data, IoT and cloud computing.
The system raises a pre-alarm before reporting a failure. This device has features like Online power management, real-time power effiffifficiency monitoring,
real-time monitoring of electrical circuit parameter (voltage, current, power KWH, etc), and are reported, which help identify where energy savings are required, and further save power bills through analysis of collected data, power consumption analysis.

High-standard property electricity management

Fifteen platforms centrally manage system functions


Real-time electricity alarm and safety information records for all households, Monthly electricity consumption of all households in the past 24 months, Voltage and current fluctuations in each building in the past 24 months, Load fluctuations and load alarms in each building in the past 24 months. Real-time data such as leakage current, temperature, voltage, current, power, and pOwer conSumption.

Authorized administrators can also:

Uniformly modify the electric box password, set up the network, and optionally combine the optional lines Perform one-button switch and timing

management Modify line name, real-time control.

Platform for smart power and electricity safety supervision and operation