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The Importance of Using Smart Locks

With the continuous maturity and wide application of technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data, smart door locks, as one of the representative products of the smart home industry, have great potential for development.

Only by understanding how a smart lock works can it be better understood. The basic structure of the smart lock is to use a motor to drive the mechanical lock cylinder to complete the action of manually rotating the key.


Smart locks are the product of the combination of traditional door locks, electronic information technology, biometric technology, and Internet of Things technology. Efficiency, and at the same time improve the security alarm of the door lock.

The network smart door lock wireless network electronic door lock system is a real-time system of door locks and a central network. This is a typical application of IoT. Doors and people can be effectively monitored by installing wireless door locks on doors and accessing the management network through dedicated wireless devices.

The network intelligent door lock wireless network electronic door lock system is widely used. The following uses the school as the product usage scenario to introduce the intelligent campus network intelligent door lock system

Teachers and students can open their own doors by putting on the wireless door lock. The lock's power, signal strength, switch status, alarm status, card records can be uploaded to the center in real time.

The school can freely manage the rights of teachers and students, and control the door lock, such as adding, modifying, losing, multi-card opening, timely, remote opening, hot key opening, etc. All operations are applied to locks in real-time through the platform.

Free management of network smart door locks, changing dormitories and registration of new students: the right to enter the open dormitory with the card, the elderly students to withdraw from the school: the software can cancel the right in batches.

Real-time networking makes the dormitory more secure Battery power status alarm Illegal card alarm Real-time upload of card records Lost cards, real-time logout takes effect.

The network smart door lock is convenient for dormitory management to open more cards, easy to check the dormitory management, swipe card data analysis, assist in bedtime and attendance, support remote control to open the door, do not run up and down to authorize, prevent students from slipping back to the dormitory and choose not to reverse the lock, and grasp the situation of the dormitory .

LoRa Technology is the proven solution of choice for smart buildings due to the ease of deploying solutions, and scalability of applications with the exponential capacity for additional sensors. LoRa Technology has the capacity to function in high density environments, such as in large enterprise buildings or campuses, and can handle thousands of unique messages per day.

LoRa Technologys proven ability to handle many sensors in a dense environment make it ideal for large smart building networks.

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