LoRaWAN Smoke Detector

LoRaWAN Smoke Detector support standard LoRaWAN protocol. With high-precision, the device emit red light when it detects a fire alarm. The device sends alarm data to the platform to remind relevant personnel on the site to deal solve it. Self-test function and low battery voltage warning functions are available.

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The LoRaWAN Smoke Detector Sensor is the ideal complement to our Smart Building Sensor range. It is equipped with an electro-optical sensor for the detection of smoke. When smoke is detected in a room, it will generate a sound signal (80dB), a light alert and send an alert message through the LoRa data network.




LoRaWAN   protocol

Type of alarm

Led indicator on, Alarm sound, wireless remote alarm

Alarm Sound Output

>80dB (at 3m )

Smoke detecting

Red/ blue photoelectric smoke detection

Temperature detecting

detecting ambient Temperature


CN 470MHz~510MHz

EU 863MHz~870MHz

US 902MHz~928MHz

AU 915MHz~928MHz

AS923; RU864-870; IN865-867

Data transmission rate


Max Tx power


Rx sensitivity



Built-in antenna

Working temperature


Working Humidity

<95% (non-condensing)

Battery volume

3.0V/3000mAh Lithium manganese battery

Battery type

Built-in Li-SOCL2 battery


Dia119mm x 45.5mm

Description of LoRa Smoke Detector

More and more families die each year, and children under five die at twice the rate of all other children. To prevent this from happening, many countries have implemented strict new fire regulations that require every house to have a smoke or gas detector. And that's where our product came in.

These effective lorawan smoke detector are an important fire safety warning system in the workplace and at home. Lorawan smoke detector is used for smoke and heat detectors that save lives every day through LoRa. While it is vital to have smoke detectors in both your home and workplace, it is even more important to have smoke detectors in your home.

HKT technology is a leading LoRa smoke detector manufacturer serving agents worldwide. We specialize in advanced sensing technology to provide high quality iot smoke detector for fire and gas detection. All our products conform to international standards. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us!

Features of LoRa Smoke Detector

1. Support standard lorawantm protocol

2. High precision

3. Red/yellow led indicator

4. Sel f-test function

5. Easy cable-free install ation

Advantages of LoRa Smoke Detector

1. Low-cost
NB-IoT/ LoRa mode, use the IOT AD hoc network and operator network, exempt base station construction, reduce system cost.
2. Easy-installationWireless communication, built-in battery, no wiring required, reduce construction time, reduce construction cost. 3. Easy maintenanceThe smoke detector has low power consumption, and can keep working more than 2 years; real-time monitoring, with anti-disassembly, low electric quantity, fault and over-temperature alarm. 4. SecurityThe national fire mandatory product certification, with standard, safe and reliable. 5. ConvenienceThe internet operation and management mode, users can monitor the fire anytime and anywhere through mobile APP.We can provide IOT smoke detector/LoRa smoke detector with high quality and competitive price. If you need, welcome to contact us.Applications of LoRa Smoke DetectorResidential buildings, schools, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, factories and etc.

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