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What is the Internet of Things?


What is the Internet of Things?

The original concept of the Internet of Things was proposed by the United States. All items are connected through the Internet of Things domain name for information exchange and communication, so as to realize a network concept of intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, etc. Of course, the official definition of the Internet of Things is: based on the Internet, the process of enabling communication between non-communicable objects and objects is called the Internet of Things.

  Principles of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is based on the computer Internet, using RFID, wireless data communication and other technologies to construct an "Internet of Things" covering everything in the world. In this network, items (commodities) are able to "communicate" with each other without human intervention. Its essence is to use radio frequency automatic identification (RFID) technology to realize the automatic identification of items (commodities) and the interconnection and sharing of information through the computer Internet.

RFID is a technology that enables objects to "speak". In the concept of "Internet of Things", RFID tags store standardized and interoperable information, which are automatically collected into the central information system through the wireless data communication network to realize the identification of items (commodities), and then through open The computer network realizes information exchange and sharing, and realizes the "transparent" management of items.

The advent of the concept of "Internet of Things" broke the previous traditional thinking. The thinking in the past has been to separate physical infrastructure from IT infrastructure: airports, roads, buildings on the one hand, and data centers, PCs, broadband, etc. on the other. In the era of "Internet of Things", reinforced concrete and cables will be integrated with chips and broadband into a unified infrastructure. In this sense, infrastructure is more like a new earth construction site on which the world operates. Among them Including economic management, production operation, social management and even personal life.

The development trend of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will be the next "important productive force" to promote the rapid development of the world, and it will be another trillion-level market after the communication network.