Realize that 6 people manage 20,000 cattle.

Smart Cattle Raising
Make management more worry-free

Industry Solutions Summary
·Manual stocking requires special care, and labor costs are high. ·Cattle and sheep are not located, and they are lost in various degrees every year. ·There are several problems with the current GPS+GPRS positioning solution, such as its high price, small capacity,
and short battery life. ·Remote areas cannot be covered by carrier networks.

Here are the pain points farmers face when it comes to cattle positioning:
Cattle Positioning Module
Install LoRa-based GPS collar locators for cattle and sheep that need to be managed to form a corresponding relationship between one animal and one locator.
LoRa Gateway
A LoRa gateway can be connected to 2000 LoRa collar locators, and the maximum coverage in the ranch environment can reach 5-10 kilometers. Several gateways can be set up to meet the needs of large ranches. The LoRa gateway supports WiFi, 4G LTE and Ethernet to upload data.
LoRa Server
The uplink data received from the base station is processed and then uploaded to the application management platform, and the data transmitted by the platform downlink is processed and scheduled by the LoRaWAN mac layer.
Application Management Platform
Using the application management platform, enterprises can view real-time positioning of cattle and sheep, breeding management, report management, basic data, query management, and other data.


Farm positioning system

The LoRa gateway transmit the data
to the LoRa server.

The cattle tracker transmit signal to the LoRa gateway via LoRa network.

LoRa Server
Management Platform

LoRa Cattle Tracker

LoRaWAN Gateway

Communication distance:
Effective communication distance is more than 15 KM

8 LoRa receive channels, 1 transmit channel, of which 8 receive channels receive data at the same time

Number of connected nodes:
Thousands of terminal nodes can be connected depending on the data type

Ingress Protection:
IP67 waterproof, outdoor use Supports GPS, Ethernet and Cellular connections

operating temperature: -40° to 70° C

Product Introduction
Long-distance communication The effective communication distance can reach 3~6KM in dense environment and 6~12kM in open and unobstructed environment; High positioning accuracy Adopt Realtek ultra-low power positioning solution, support BD/GPS/GIONASS (Choose two of the three) dual-mode navigation and positioning, positioning accuracy 5M; Ultra-low power consumption, low battery alarm The battery life is 3 years @ positioning once every 1 hour, the battery can be replaced, and the low battery will automatically alarm. Intelligent management Support the calculation of the number of exercise steps, users can remotely modify the location data upload schedule, and monitor the position of cattle and sheep in real time. Electronic fence When the cattle and sheep exceed the set electronic fence, an alarm will be sent to the background, allowing users to retrieve the cattle and sheep as soon as possible to avoid losses. Waterproof&tamperproof The shell is IP67 waterproof, comfortable and custom-made collar, with tamper-proof alarm function, can be widely used in animal husbandry breeding cattle, sheep, horses, camels, etc.

Product Introduction
Support electronic fence, alarm when it exceeds the fence, and retrieve the cattle as soon as possible. APP supports cattle according to the report, the number of cattle in the fence can be immediately obtained to determine whether there is any loss.

The tracker can count the cow's pedometer and report it to the platform, which can be used by users to query, assist users to judge the health status of cows, and prevent diseases.

Accidental alarm-removal alarm, the device integrates a photosensitive element, when the cattle are stolen and the device is dismantled, an alarm alert is issued.

Product Introduction

Platform Introduction

Livestock Integrated Management Platform

On the Web/APP application platform, cooperate with the Animal Husbandry Association to integrate the latest breeding technology and domestic and foreign animal husbandry development trends into the platform. The system integrates basic information filing of cattle, cattle positioning management, fence management, alarm monitoring, cattle health management, cattle breeding management, environmental data monitoring, statistical reports and other functions, simplifying the office process of animal husbandry staff and achieving paperless efficiency office.

LoRa Introduction

Livestock Integrated Management Platform

The chip-related technology of LoRa was born in August 2013. Its founding companies are IBM and SEMTECH Semiconductor. It is a long-distance low-power wireless transmission technology designed for IoT (Internet of Things).

The data of the LoRa Alliance at the beginning of the year is that 9 countries have begun to build networks, and 56 countries have begun pilot projects. As of the latest data released so far, 51 countries have publicly announced network construction plans, and 100 countries and regions have deployed LoRaWAN networks, such as the United States, France, Germany, Australia, India and other countries. The Netherlands, Switzerland, South Korea and other countries have deployed or planned to deploy LoRa networks covering the whole country.

LoRa wireless communication frequency band adopts license-free (ISM) open frequency band, including 433MHz, CN470MHz, EU868MHz, US915MHz, AS923MHz, etc. With long-distance and low-power transmission characteristics, it can cover a range from 1 km to 10 km, and even up to 20 km. The built-in battery of the IoT device can last for more than 10 years.

At present, the LoRa IoT communication technology can build a private application network, or professional IoT operators can build a public network.

LoRa Network Structure
IoT Wireless Communication Comparison
LoRa network has become the most commonly used Internet of Things network communication technology because of its easy construction and deployment, and can provide secure data transmission and long-distance two-way communication. However, there are also two types of NB-IoT, LoRa and NB-IoT built in some areas The communication technology is optional, and the farmer can monitor and manage cattle, sheep, horses, camels in real time, reducing the economic losses and labor maintenance costs caused by the loss of livestock.