LoRa Parking Sensor
Also known as LoRawan parking sensor or LoRawan smart parking. It is a surface-mounted type geomagnetic parking sensor with radar detecting based on standard LoRaWAN protocol to detect the status (occupied or empty) of parking space. This smart parking solution was designed for detecting with high reliability if a parking lot is occupied or available.

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It's based on standard LoRaWAN to detect the status of parking space. When it detects that there is a car parked in or leaving the parking space, the status information of the parking space will be sent to a LoRa gateway, will transmit the information to NS, then LoRa network server will decode the LoRa data and interface with the smart parking platform to achieve real-time management of parking lots. widely used in urban road-side parking space and other application scenarios.




Built-in Battery

Battery Lifttime

3 Years

Detection Method

Electromagnetic Induction

Detection Distance



3.6V 19Ah

Communication Protocol

LoRa Wireless

Working Temperature

-25℃ to 65℃

Storage Temperature



Outdoor/ Indoor Parking Lots


Fixed on Ground



Benefits of LoRa Parking Solution LoRaWAN parking sensors, also known as LoRa parking sensors or parking sensor LoRa, are an innovative solution for modern parking problems. Here are some benefits of using LoRa parking sensors:

Easy and cost-effective installation and maintenance:
One of the biggest advantages of using LoRa parking sensors is their ease of installation and low maintenance requirements. The hardware is affordable and durable, and the sensors can be easily installed without the need for complex wiring or infrastructure. This results in significant cost savings, as well as reduced downtime and maintenance requirements.

Environmental sustainability and cost savings:
By identifying available parking spaces, LoRa parking sensors help reduce the amount of fuel cars use while searching for a parking spot, as well as the associated emissions. This not only enhances environmental sustainability but also helps save money on fuel costs. Additionally, the reduction in traffic congestion leads to less time spent on the road and less fuel consumption.

LoRa parking sensors offer convenience to drivers by helping them find available parking spaces quickly and easily. This saves time and reduces frustration, as drivers no longer have to search for a parking spot. In addition, businesses offering parking services can allow drivers to reserve parking slots in advance, enabling them to drive directly to their reserved spot without the need to wander around looking for an available space.

Increased productivity and revenue:
LoRa parking sensors help increase productivity and revenue for businesses offering parking services. By allowing drivers to reserve and access parking slots anytime, businesses can make the most of their parking area. Moreover, by using displays and meters installed on their vehicles, car owners can easily identify and book available parking slots. This leads to increased efficiency and revenue generation for businesses.

In conclusion, the benefits of using LoRa parking sensors are numerous, including cost savings, convenience, increased productivity, and environmental sustainability. By adopting this innovative solution, businesses can enhance their parking services and provide a better experience to their customers while reducing their environmental impact.

Application Scenarios

LoRa (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) parking sensors, also known as LoRaWAN parking sensors or Lora parking sensors, are becoming increasingly popular in smart parking management. Here are some potential applications of LoRa parking sensors:

1. Real-time Parking Availability Monitoring: LoRa parking sensors can detect the presence or absence of vehicles in parking spaces and transmit this information to a central server using a low-power, long-range wireless network. This enables parking operators to monitor parking space occupancy in real-time and provide drivers with accurate information on available parking spots.

2. Parking Guidance Systems: LoRa parking sensors can be integrated with parking guidance systems to guide drivers to available parking spaces. This can reduce the time drivers spend looking for parking and decrease traffic congestion.

3. Parking Enforcement: LoRa parking sensors can be used to enforce parking regulations by detecting when a vehicle has overstayed its allotted time or parked in a reserved spot. This can improve compliance with parking regulations and reduce the incidence of parking violations.

4. Data Collection and Analysis: LoRa parking sensors can collect data on parking occupancy rates, average parking durations, and other metrics. This data can be used to optimize parking lot layouts and improve parking management strategies.

5. Sustainability: LoRa parking sensors are powered by batteries and require minimal maintenance, making them a sustainable and cost-effective solution for parking management.

Overall, LoRa parking sensors offer a versatile and efficient solution for parking management, and have the potential to improve the efficiency and sustainability of urban transportation systems.

Factors to Consider While Deploying LoRa Smart Parking

Here are the most common factors to consider while installing LoRa smart parking solutions:

1.Gateways positioning and density for effective performance
2.Surrounding environment—barriers and structures
3.Size of the antenna
4.Functionality and abilities of end devices

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Introducing the Lora Parking Sensor - a state-of-the-art parking sensor designed to revolutionize the way parking is managed in smart cities. Our Lora Parking Sensor is based on the LoRaWAN wireless technology, making it a highly reliable and efficient solution for parking management.

The Lora Parking Sensor is a small, battery-powered device that can be easily installed in any parking space. The device uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect the presence of a vehicle in the parking spot, and transmits this information wirelessly to a LoRaWAN gateway. This gateway then sends the data to a cloud server, where it is analyzed and processed to provide real-time information about parking occupancy.

With our Lora Parking Sensor, parking managers can easily monitor the availability of parking spots in real-time, making it easier for drivers to find available spots quickly and efficiently. This helps to reduce traffic congestion, as well as carbon emissions from cars circling in search of parking spots.

Our Lora Parking Sensor is designed to be highly durable and weather-resistant, ensuring that it can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The device also features a long battery life, allowing it to operate for up to five years without the need for replacement.

In addition, our Lora Parking Sensor is fully compliant with the LoRaWAN wireless protocol, making it easy to integrate with other LoRaWAN devices and gateways. This makes it an ideal solution for smart city applications that require a robust and reliable wireless network.

Overall, the Lora Parking Sensor is a highly advanced and innovative solution for parking management in smart cities. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, it provides a highly reliable and efficient solution for parking managers, drivers, and city planners alike. Choose our Lora Parking Sensor to take your smart city parking management to the next level.

Lora Parking Sensor
· Support LinkWAN/LoraWAN wireless communication
· Automatic embedded installation without wires · 3 years battery life · 5 minutes installation and deployment reduces road closures and labor cost · Self-calibrating, self-tuning · Wide coverage radius and large capacity · Re-usable and support wireless OTA upgrade · Easy configuration · Water cover detection · Waterproof IP68 · low voltage alarm