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surface-mounted parking sensor

Communicate via LoRa

No SIM card required

The Collar’s GPS location data will uplink to LoRaWAN gateway according to the schedule you choose , The collar is programmed wirelessly by the network server.

It is a surface-mounted type geomagnetic parking sensor with radar detecting based on standard LoRaWAN protocol to detect the status (occupied or empty) of parking space.

It is a compact and powerful all-in-one sensor.The device can sense the movement of equipment assets in time and send wireless signal alarms by accelerometer displacement.Build-in T/H sensor &GPS sensor to monitor the ambient temperature and humidity and location of the device,while transmit to the platform by wireless LoRaWAN communication technology regularly.

HKT DS20 simply enables you to know when someone enters the office/building through door/window or something has been moved.With a style of minimalism and compact size, the wire-free DS20 can be easily mounted on the doors, panes, or cabinets, greatly providing real applications for smart homes, smart office or smart factories.
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HKT Technology based on the data collection and application of wireless cities and the Internet of Things(IoT), we are committed to building a multidimensional ecosystem operation service system that integrates software, hardware, services, and operations. We use multi-dimensional big data collection, analysis, and applicated to build a smart city ecosystem. Governments, enterprises, citizens and visitors to  provide high-tech enterprises with multi-tiered smart application services and big data services.
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