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Fiber Optical Part

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Fiber Optical Part

Brand :hkt

Product origin :china

Delivery time :30D

Supply capacity :10K

FBT Splitter

Fiber Optical Part

Fiber Optical Part Features

Suitable for multi-port power splitter

Low cost, small size, high reliability

Low additional loss and polarization dependent loss

product name: Adapter

Product number: b710


High precisionlow insertion Loss

Standard insertion Loss≤0.15dB

outdoor splitter box.jpg

Outdoor Fiber Optical Cable Crossing Cabinet

Fiber Optical Part presentation

        The cabinet has the functions of the distribution, splice, storage and dispatch. It has dogged performance of resisting the open-air environment and could resist severe climate changes and serious working environment. The cabinet is made of stainless steel. It has not only excellent performance of anticorrosion and age resistance but also pleasing appearance. FC/SC/ST adapters optional, ground stand/half support/hang are available too.

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