Smart  Circuit Breaker

It is a compact and powerful smart air circuit breaker. That realized intelligent monitoring, remote control, data analysis and pre-alarm functions through wireless LoraWAN communication technology to ensure power consumption safety.

What’s more,it supports combining with third-party LoRaWAN gateways and cloud platforms to realize remote data monitoring and management.

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Smart Circuit Breaker, also named circuit breaker panel,smart breaker,is an electronic device that allows you to remotely control the circuit breaker safely over the internet.

Smart circuit breakers can be a perfect tool to monitor and control the status information of all the circuits present in a home or residence with the help of a stable internet connection.



Smart circuit breaker

Local leakage self-test

Support self-test by manual

Mobile phone operating leakage self-test

Support self-check by mobile application

Leakage self-test

Support any specified date and time every month detection automatically

Delivery of current automatically

Support automatic delivery of current after self-test

Voltage, current, leakage current monitoring

Support query of voltage, current and leakage current data in real time


Set the reached power valu cut-off

Short Circuit Protection

5-10 times rated current,

0.04secs short circuit protection

Leakage protection

30mAh leak current,0.1seconds circuit protection

Overload Protection

set rated current value,rated load power-off protection

Lack-voltage alarm

voltage<100V alarm

Overvoltage protection

voltage>250V/430V alarmvoltage>263V/456 power off protection

Outage alarm

strike a light alarm

Over temperature protection

monitoring the temperature in real-time;>70℃ alarm,>90℃blackout

Lightning surge protection

bleeder current 15KA

Push by manual

On/off control

Electric control

On/off control

Mobile Remote control

On/off control

Security Messages recording

Supports 12 months

Mobile APP Management

Support customer power safety and energy consumption management


Property current and voltage load fluctuation, electricity alarm

Battery Left

Support power metering, recording hourly, daily and monthly,12 months can be queried

OIT Interface


Connect Video Surveillance

Support docking app with any brand

Centralized management

Support centralized statistical analysis of smart power management &safety supervision platform


1.With short-circuit protection, leakage protection, over-voltage protection, lightning protection, ignition power-off protection all in one.
2.It makes self-inspection and power-off alarm in time automatically to ensure the safety of electricity use.

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How Does a Smart Circuit Breaker Work?

A smart circuit breaker may replace an existing circuit breaker or be installed alongside the existing circuit breaker with separate controls in your breaker box. A smart MCB has the same protective and tripping mechanisms as a regular CB with Wi-Fi connectivity. Electricity is distributed by a load centre throughout the residential or commercial facility. It is fed into branch circuits. Each of which is protected by the breakers housed in the load centre or breaker box.

Smart Circuit breakers help in protecting your gadgets and equipment remotely via Smartphone. Consequently, they are becoming a necessity for safeguarding both indoor and outdoor home electrical appliances simply anytime from anywhere against transient and permanent faults, including low and high-voltage issues, short circuits, earth defects, to name a few, and help in energy management at your facility.

Application Scenarios
1.Apartment Installed on the power inlet side of the household, it can realize the reference measurement of electric energy and remote status monitoring while protecting the safety of personnel and family property.
2.Hotel Centrally installed in the room distribution network, while protecting the safety of personnel and hotel properties, it can minimize the power outage time caused by abnormality and improve user satisfaction.
3.Rental It is uniformly installed in the power distribution box of the corridor to protect the property safety of the tenant and the landlord, and at the same time realize the functions of electricity metering and prepayment, so as to realize the purpose of recharging the electricity bill before using it.
4.Park lighting It is generally installed in the power distribution box outdoors in the park to realize remote control and single metering of street lamps. Based on the timing function of the cloud platform, street lights, etc. can realize the regular power and turn off every day.

5.Farm The distribution box is generally installed on the utility pole next to the farm to realize the remote control of street lamps and single metering.
Smart air circuit breaker

· Remote control
Connected to the server to remote control by app application. · Easy to use Highly integrated,easy networking, easy to expand and easy construction. · Long communication distance Max communication distance up to 11km by LoraWan communication technology. · Controlled Efficiency Collecting information of electricity consumption and monitoring inforamtion of electricity consumption such as time, electricity, power, power factor, etc.That guide users enhance power safety and improve energy efficiency. · Good compatibility Compatible with standard LoRaWAN gateways and third-party network server platforms .